Jazz St. Louis Season of Stream Vol. 5

Jazz St. Louis, 3536 Washington, St. Louis MO

Two Times True with Larry Johnson will perform on the Jazzstl "Season of Stream Vol. 5: A Midwinter Night's Stream" on Thursday, February 11th at 7:30 PM. Jazzstl has been livestreaming from the beautiful jazz club since late summer 2020, keeping jazz alive with presentations by established groups as well as many young performing jazz ensembles, without the live audiences, thus following the CDC and all health guidelines. These livestreams are exceptionally well done, they are free, and of course, you can make a donation if you wish. Two Times True: Carolbeth True--piano and keys; Dave True--drums; Larry Johnson--saxophone; Glen Smith--bass--all of us are thrilled to be a part of this series and looking forward to again playing together in this beautiful setting. Our thanks to Bob Bennett, artistic director, for this series slot. To access our performance next week starting on 2/11 and after: go to jazzstl.org in URL; then you'll see: Season of Stream A Midwinter Night's Stream. Our group is Vol. 5, Ep. 5--Two Times True. This Thursday be sure to check out all the upcoming acts, starting with Ryan Marquez--a wonderful pianist, former student of ours at Webster University, and great friend who is truly making his mark as pianist, composter, entertainer in the musical world. Larry, Dave, Glen and I hope you will join us one week from this Thursday--February 11th--at 7:30 PM for Two Times True!!